About LLG

Legacy Legal Group, LLC (LLG),was founded as a boutique law firm with the goal of providing high level legal services in a limited number of practice areas thereby ensuring that all clients receive professional, efficient, and practical legal advice and guidance in a personal and relaxed setting at affordable rates.

Founded by Attorney Sherry A. Snyder the focus of Legacy Legal Group, LLC was and remains to help individuals, couples, and families plan for the future. “LLG is here to meet client’s needs whether for clients special needs, elders, or those who are looking for legal guidance with regard to issues having to do with planning for incapacity or end of life,” says Snyder.

In the spring of 2019, Legacy Legal Group, LLC was excited to unveil their new office suite in Chesterfield Sachs Property.


“The purpose of the new office space was to compliment the high quality service we provide to our clients and our referral partners. The use of whites, grays, and chestnut, and mahogany elevate the space creating a sleek and elegant feel we hope guests will enjoy. A coffee bar and additional soft touches hopefully will make clients feel comfortable and at home with our team of legal professionals.”

- Sherry A. Snyder, Founder