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Legacy Legal Group helps individuals, couples, and families plan for the future. We are here to meet your needs whether it be for clients with special needs, elders, and those who are looking for legal guidance.

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Estate Planning

The attorneys at Legacy Legal Group, LLC have extensive experience in handling estate planning while you are alive, in the event you become incapacitated or disabled, and after your death. We can assist you in planning for the management of your assets while you're alive and the distribution of assets after you've passed away. We strive to help you plan for the orderly administration of your estate, including taking steps that will minimize taxes and distribute assets in accordance with your wishes.

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Elder Law

Living in a society with ever-expanding medical and technological advancements comes with the benefit increased longevity, however, such a benefit may be reduced by the burdens of the increased likelihood of experiencing periods of incapacity and disability.  Our goal at Legacy Legal Group is assist you in lessening those burdens by planning for your disability or incapacity, reviewing ways to preserve your assets, and reducing the likelihood that you may need to rely on loved ones or friends to assist you in what may be a difficult journey into your later years.  The attorneys at Legacy Legal Group understand the reluctance to engage in this type of planning as it forces us to face our own mortality; however, planning for these circumstances is necessary if your goal is to ensure your needs are met while reducing the burdens of meeting said needs on family members or friends.  The steps necessary to understand and develop a plan that is right for you involves many aspects of reviewing and updating your estate plan, ensuring you have appointed the right individuals to assist you in the event of a period of disability or incapacity, and determining whether asset protection is appropriate for you. There are many methods of paying for long term care, including self-funding, purchasing long-term care insurance, or needs-based governmental benefits such as Veterans Administration benefits or Medicaid.  The attorneys at Legacy Legal Group are can assist you in understanding and developing a plan that will protect you and those you care about.  Contact us today.

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Special Needs & Disability Planning

Individuals of all ages may face the challenges of living with special needs or disabling conditions.  Often, loved ones need to seek out education and advisors experienced in such areas to determine the best plan to protect their loved ones.  Whether it is a parent planning for a child with a special need, or an individual with a disability who needs assistance with the activities of daily living, it is important to review the options available in each circumstance and to develop a plan.  Such a plan may involve drafting estate planning documents such as wills, powers of attorney, and special needs trusts, learning about eligibility for governmental benefits, or seeking the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator by petitioning a court.

Consulting with a qualified attorney with experience in special needs planning to determine the plan that is appropriate for your loved ones will ensure peace of mind of knowing you have done your utmost to secure their future care.  The attorneys at Legacy Legal Group would be happy to discuss planning options available so that you may protect your loved ones by planning in advance. 


Probate & Trust Administration

We come into this world easily, yet we do not often leave as easily.  Most of the time, we leave behind friends or loved ones who are uncertain as to how they should proceed in handling your last expenses, submitting beneficiary claims, and administering your estate.  In these circumstances, it is very important to consult an attorney experienced in probate and trust administration so as to obtain the most comprehensive advice and guidance as possible during this difficult time.  If you plan in advance, the persons or entities you select will pay your final bills and distribute your assets to the beneficiaries you choose using powers granted to them in a legal document such as a will or a trust.  This, in and of itself, is a gift.

The attorneys at Legacy Legal Group are not only experienced in the areas of probate and trust administration, they also understand that you or your family have suffered a loss and will need assistance through an otherwise unfamiliar and often confusing process.  Contact us today for assistance in seeing your loved ones’ affairs resolved and their planned wishes fulfilled.

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Business Succession Planning

You have made your business your life’s work, yet what happens to your business when life events arise or retirement is around the corner?  Every business is different, as are the circumstances that make up the lives of their creators.  Business succession planning requires multiple considerations such as estate and tax planning, obtaining the proper funding to finance a transition, and determining how the standard of living for the individual stepping down may be maintained or altered.  While the determination of an appropriate plan may sound complex, such planning should reduce the complexity of the plan itself if done correctly.

The attorneys at Legacy Legal Group understand and are experienced in the unique dynamics that must be considered in order to develop a successful business succession plan.  Contact us today to ensure that your legacy continues and your future and that of your business are protected.