Dale T.
Financial Advisor

I am a financial advisor and have referred several clients to Sherry for close to 10 years. No matter how large or how modest, everyone has an estate and wants to control how their possessions are given to the people or organizations they care about the most. Sherry and her staff have always provided quality, customized documents that allows my clients to know they have a properly prepared plan that contains their wishes, will protect their family, and give them peace of mind. Many times, helping my clients with estate planning is the first business I conduct with them. It proves an excellent experience for them and increases their trust in my recommendations. I have always solicited feedback from my clients when the estate planning process is completed and have never had a negative comment regarding the entire estate planning process.

Mark and Mary H.

We came to Legacy Legal Group when we relocated to Missouri from California. Sherry and her team were so professional respecting all the work that had been put into the document but guiding us on how the document needed to be revised to meet the laws of our new state of residency. It was a fantastic experience and we have already recommended her to other family members.

Mary Kay
Financial Advisor



The Legacy Legal Group is my choice when working with clients in West County that need estate planning. Sherry Snyder is extremely conscientious and thorough. Her ability to explain complex legal documents in a clever, easy to understand way, makes her very appreciated by our mutual clients. Whether she is assisting clients that have recently moved into the area from out of state or long-time residents with family members with special needs, she follows through every step of the way to make certain everything is completed and executed properly.

James D.

I have worked with Sherry Snyder of Legacy Legal Group with several mutual clients over the last couple of years. I have been throughly impressed with her responsiveness and availability, she is always available for her clients and their other advisors. She is always eager and willing to include the entire team in meaningful discussions to develop a consensus of opinion for planning the transaction. She is also able to make firm recommendations and then provide the reasoning for her conclusions. Her ideas are all thought-out and persuasive. She is personally involved, and I know that I am getting the benefit of her knowledge and experience, not that of a paralegal or administrator.  On the more mundane estate and trust administration, her staff is conscientious and very detail oriented. Their work is easy to follow and all transactions are well documented. It is easy to prepare a tax return from her financial reports. We have always received her financial reporting very timely and all our questions are answered promptly. I have and will continue to refer clients to Sherry and Legacy Legal Group.

Victor B.

Honestly, I don’t care what her competitors are doing. Sherry was referred to us, she has helped us, and there is no reason to speak with another estate planning attorney because we like all that she has done for us over the years. We have no complaints at all. She and her staff have built trust with their actions and Sherry is extremely personable. By being extremely personable, she has put us at ease. Not all attorneys do this as well as she does.


Oscar G.

I came to LLG at a time when my health was poor and I truly was facing possible death. The team was very sensitive to the situation and understood the need for some degree of urgency. However, they still approached the process thoroughly and methodically. My completed estate document addresses the immediate need and provides a foundation I can build upon as my needs and situation changes. I found the complete and thorough binder of all documents to be very valuable and unique to the legal industry. The binder has all documents clearly labeled and separated into clear and definite sections. I see it as the Bible for my estate planned to help me and to guide those who will need it upon my death. You and your team are masters at attention to detail, following a step-by-step process to capture all the needed information, gathering my instructions and wishes, and presenting professional and thorough estate planning documents.

Muriel S.

It is expedient that I backtrack and provide a bit of background information to establish the reason I initially sought out the expertise of Sherry Snyder, after my husband died, I suddenly found myself in a very unsatisfactory financial situation. One which would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to live with for the rest of my life. Strangely enough, this dilemma was the result of my husband and I consenting to some very poor legal advise which we received from the attorneys we had hired to establish our trusts. These attorneys were negligent when they failed to point out the real life consequences which would necessarily follow when we agreed to their recommendations. Had we been properly informed, we would never have consented to the terms they advised. Now, however, I was expected to deal with this devastating mess and confronted with the problem of how to untangle this legal web and free myself from this egregious problem.

It is at this point that I began my association with Sherry Snyder. First, there was full disclosure of my previous experiences with my prior legal advisors, including a thorough review of all trust documents. Options for resolving the problem were discussed and eventually a plan was agreed upon and the necessary legal process began. This required considerable negotiations with various family members.  Throughout this entire procedure I was impressed with Sherry’s legal acumen, her attention to detail, her confident demeanor, her warmth, and genuine concern for a favorable resolution to my problem. She meticulously drew up the legal documents always adhering with integrity to the dictates of the law. Eventually, the problem was favorably resolved and I regained control, not only of my legal trust, but also of my peace of mind.

Kalman K.
Financial Advisor

I have referred clients to Sherry for estate planning for the last 15 years. She and her team exhibit great attention to detail and always explains the "whys" to clients so that they can make informed decisions. Sherry “sticks to the knitting”. In other words, they are not solicited for business outside of Estate Planning and Sherry treats them as well as I would treat them.